Drive Dive: August 2013

New York

California 2012

Drive Dive: South Shore Hawaii

When someone mentions Hawaii, surfing is usually the first thing that comes to mind. The two go hand in hand and rightly so being that there are hundreds of world class breaks throughout the island chain and the North Shore of Oahu hosts the most prestigious surf contests in the world. Although this post is not about the winter on the North Shore, which everyone in the surfing world e, it never hurts to add a little background. I found a few photographs from a month long trip I made back in May of 2009 that yielded some of the most fun surf I have ever experienced over some relatively uncrowded reef breaks. The south shore of Hawaii is wide open to all southerly swell angles and has nothing (more…)

Thanksgiving Eve Swell Gallery

While its safe to say that mostly everybody in New York thinks of a massive feast with family and friends during the last week of November, there tends to be some decent surf pretty much every year around Thanksgiving. While most people were getting ready to head out to their favorite bar and tap into the kegs of their favorite brew, a select few were getting suited up and pulling in deep on some Guinness brown barrels. The photographs featured in this gallery show how it is in fact possible to score great waves all to yourself here in New York. Once the water starts dipping into the low 50′s and high 40′s there is a dramatic declination in the surfing population. This drop in the lineup headcount allows one to find their own isolated sandbar fairly easy being that Long Island stretches 118 miles eastward into the Atlantic Ocean. That’s a whole lot of south facing beach breaks with a ton of (more…)

November No.’s

November represents the tail end of Hurricane season for us surfers on the East Coast of the U.S. What one might also experience during this month is the feast of a holiday we Americans call thanksgiving as well as a semi-consistent swell pattern that is a mix between tropical low pressure systems and nor’easter winter storms. As for myself I didn’t manage to find much surf this month as it has been an extraordinarily busy one, from a trip to the west coast to long term school projects I have been super busy and shooting surf photography became a luxury I was hard pressed to afford in the past couple of weeks. On a positive note, I do have a small gallery of some shots that range from a medium sized November swell in New York to the Los Angeles skyline and  I added a bonus (more…)

Stormy Days

Throughout the month of October this year we have seen fairly mild temperatures and a relatively high number of sunny days. That was until today when the freezing rain, sleet and snow fell all day and continued through the night. The fall season up until this point was pretty warm and not too wet but the waves haven’t been very consistent, especially not for October which is usually one of the best months for surf here in New York. A mere 38 degree air temperature, pretty much flat surf by most peoples standards and absolutely dumping buckets of frozen rain pelting the earth’s surface. (more…)